Smeg Obsession…Let’s Talk

So, let’s talk about my obsession with Smeg fridges for a moment. It’s unrequited right now, but I hope to change that one day. Move us from ‘complicated’ to ‘committed.’ Enough yammering…feast your eyes on this kitchen.

Norman Copenhagen



I love everything about this kitchen. It’s a Scandinavian-styled kitchen, and the Italian fridge steals my heart every time. And the cherry on top–it’s pink! The owners of the kitchen mentioned some cool info about the white pendant light below.

Sinterklaas bought me the Norm 69-lamp from Norman Copenhagen. It took a whole lot of work to complete the lamp (it needs assembling, this is how I got it – yes, the flat package) but I’m very happy with the final result. We gave the lamp a pink cord, just like our lamp above the table.

I love Scandinavian styling for homes. I love the use of light and minimalism. It’s so breezy and easy and lovely. And Smeg fridges fit into my dream relationship perfectly. My Scandi home, my Smeg fridge, and me! Oh, and my husband and three dogs…but that’s for another post.

Let’s do a little Smeg history, courtesy of Apartment Therapy and Geoff Bentz.

SMEG (which stands for Smalterie Metallurgiche Emiliane Guastall − obviously) is an Italian manufacturer who have been making household appliances since 1948. And where as they make a number of quality products, they’re best known for their retro style fridges available in a range of flashy colors, including a special Union Jack edition.

Some people might choose a SMEG because of its clean lines and minimalist style, but they’re quite practical too. Smegs get the job done with plenty of built-in storage, a freezer compartment, and it saves on energy compared to a full-size fridge. And although there is a mini on the market, the standard SMEG stands at just 57.5 inches tall and about 24 inches wide.

Check your local market for a SMEG retailer, the average price being around $1,700. And get ready to tell you friends you own a genuine Smalterie Metallurgiche Emiliane Guastall!

Oh and Living Etc. is my fave! Had enough? Then stop now, b/c more Smeg love below!

Bethany Seawright on Apartment Therapy asks which one of the pics below gives you butterflies. That’s a good way to describe how I feel about every Smeg fridge…but like parents towards children, I have a fondness for certain ones.

So you should know me well enough by now to guess which is my favorite child here. Looking at you, Beautifully Coastal. Hope that’s enough Smeg-ness for you…at least for now.


Smeg is now making dishwashers!

Smeg Dishwashers


Photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy.

And of course there are matching products, like blenders, toasters, fridges, etc.

One step closer to having a completely uniform Smeg kitchen! My dream come true! Anyone who would like to buy me all of these Smeg appliances can reach me on Instagram and Facebook and Twitter and Email…or here on my blog!

Stay fancy, cupcakes!

Cupcakes with pink cream,heart sprinkles and tulips on white tab


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